The Sounds of


Named after a junction just off Lower Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee
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A chance meeting by two old friends, Ian Thorpe and Dave Pollard, sparked a conversation about old times. Over 50 years earlier, as young teenagers, they would rush to complete their homework so they could then play their newly-acquired guitars and harmonise to classic songs.

The decision was made on the spot to recreate those days but, this time, they wished to create something very special by adding a third guitar player / vocalist. There was one person they knew would fit the bill perfectly, Duncan Peddie.

This time around, as a band, they would perform in public and go headlong down the road of Americana Music.

Tennessee, 3rd and Church are inspired by the music of Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt and Johnny Cash. Playing a mixture of acoustic instruments complemented by 3-part vocal harmonies, 3rd and Church cover a wide range of Americana Music by many different artistes.