"Thoroughly entertaining trio comprising of 3 great musicians with excellent vocal harmonies which results in a sound that defies their number. They have a great stage presence too with a loyal following of fans. 3rd & Church have been a great asset to MOTW's "3 in the bar Thursdays" and I can't recommend them highly enough. Check them out soon, you won't be disappointed! Live music at it's best"

Warren Jolly

"I've never seen a 3 piece band with such stage presence, such a good rapport with each other or such musical aptitude. Always a pleasure watching them and I see them at every opportunity I can. 3 amazingly talented musicians doing what they love, and it certainly shows!"

Laura Horne

"Great night at Mucky Muldoons on Sunday! Fabulous music and great vocals from this talented trio. The harmonies are excellent and such good choice of music."

Liz Hoyle

"Excellent thought provoking mix of Americana songs ( songs from or appertaining to America ). All three guys play a mix of guitars superbly with great three part harmonies. Whilst all of them have a long history in local music this recent get together gives them the chance to choose songs they love and you can see that they are having a great time. I watch them at every opportunity and highly recommend you give them a try."

Dave Parkinson

"I have known two of these guys since the early 70’s, classic rock and all the rest. So when I heard they had started an American acoustic harmony band called 3rd and Church I was intrigued.... So I went to catch with them at a recent gig, and was just blown away with the whole concept. Their mix of songs, instruments, vocals and stage presence created an unforgettable night. I shouldn’t have been surprised as they’re all talented musicians, but I was! Great night....."

Paul Fillingham